Everybody LOVES our Loungers!

It's true - everyone loves our loungers, and we suspect you will too:-). Lightweight, durable and stackable, our comfy loungers are available in many colours. There are 3 designs to choose from:

Crocodile Lounger - The lounger that hugs you! It has 4 legs and a built-in cup holder.

Grass Lounger - The portable lounger that's perfect for resting your back when you watch sports matches, or go to the beach...

S-Lounger - Contoured and comfy, the S-lounger is the perfect place to relax outside with a good book or just chill beside the pool.


Best loungers in South Africa
Fibreglass Garden Benches, South Africa

Garden Benches

Our two-seater garden benches are easy to clean, low-maintenance and stackable.

Dog Kennels

Every dog-lover knows how important it is for dogs to have their own safe, snuggly shelter.  Our kennels are easy to clean, low-maintenance and they look great. Available in 2 sizes.

Fibreglass dog kennels, South Africa

Pyramid Eco Garden System

Perfect for people who have limited space and long to grow their own organic herbs, veggies, or flowers. The pyramid garden in a 5-tier system that occupies just 1 square meter! Ideal for small balconies, decks or courtyards, the system is a great way to use your kitchen scraps in an eco-friendly way too. This system is water-wise and being fiberglass, the garden structure itself is very low-maintenance.

Pyramid Eco-garden
Pyramid Eco-garden