Fibreglass Fun is a family owned business and Brett and Juanita Bowden have become known their personal service, product excellence and willingness to find creative solutions to the needs of their customers. They have an advantage though – they are both young at heart and cherish their ability to still embrace wholesome fun with the whole family! They bring this energy to their business and are trusted by clients around the country and even other parts of the world, for delivering top products and service.

Most of their products have one thing in common – keeping healthy. In a world where everything is often either automated or artificial, including the air we breathe, the Fibreglass Fun team advocates fresh air, healthy exercise and spending quality time with people you love.


Our range of swings, slides and jungle gyms are a great way to help your children reap all these benefits in the safety of your own garden! Most of the products in our play range are great D.I.Y projects too, and we courier nationwide.

Super-tubes and water slides are fun for ‘kids’ of all ages too, and aside from being a great way to enhance your pool and add value to your property, they can also add an extra income stream for lodges, resorts, and other public entertainment areas. Modules in our play and super-tube ranges are available in many colours, shapes, and sizes, so there is something for every property and pocket size.

Brett grew up fishing and boating, and this passion and years of experience have enabled him to design, manufacture and repair boats for several decades. The Fibreglass Fun boating products are strong and durable and include everything from boats to hatches, so you’ll soon be out on the water with the sun on your face and a line in the water.

Slides in South Africa

Fibreglass Fun is about so much more than business and products. For Brett and Juanita it’s about relationships with clients who have become friends and enabling clients to spend quality time doing things they love in a healthy environment with people they care about. Life is short and precious, so reduce maintenance by investing in fibreglass products and spend your leisure hours making special memories!